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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


mercoledì 13 dicembre 2017

Deadly Selfies: Social media star falled from skyscraper

A DAREDEVIL who called himself “China’s First Rooftopper” plunged to his death off the roof of a skyscraper as this video with over 15 million views reportedly shows.

Fans of Wu Yongning, 26, had already been speculating about his death after his hugely popular social media account failed to publish new material since November 8.
His girlfriend and his family members finally confirmed on Friday that Wu had fallen to his death while recording a stunt atop the 62-storey Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province in Central China.
He was in the process of creating his next viral video and was clinging to the side of the skyscraper when he appeared to lose his grip and fall, with his body said to be discovered by a window cleaner.
The clip being shared online shows Wu lowering himself over the edge of the building to do his iconic pull-ups, but he struggles to hoist himself back up and eventually falls out of view of the camera phone he had set up to record his stunt.
Local authorities investigating the case described it as an “accident” and have already ruled out foul play.

Fans of the fearless stuntman, who regularly gained millions of views on his live-streamed performances, are now flooding his social media page with tributes.
According to the police, they believe Wu fell about 45 feet onto a terrace below and died of fatal injuries during or shortly after the accident.
The rooftopper’s girlfriend, named only as “Jinjin”, said Huayuan International Centre is only open to the public until the 44th floor, after which key cards are required to access the Grand Hyatt hotel.

Horror moment daredevil Wu Yongning falls to his death from the roof of a 62-storey skyscraper Patrick Knox 11th December 2017

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