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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


mercoledì 5 aprile 2017

Senator's Son Raped 7-Year-Old Girl to Death

A Twitter user with the handle @FulanNasrullah, has narrated how the son of a serving Senator from Taraba State raped a seven-year-old girl to death and how the father is using his influence to shield him from the law.@FulanNasrullah in a series of tweets said that the poor girl identified as Talatu Musa Paul, whose father worked for the unnamed Senator as a security guard, was anally raped by the lawmaker's 21-year-old son, destroying her internal organs which led to her death.

To make matters worse, @FulanNasrullah continued, the Senator had the bereaved father locked up because he raised an alarm while he made sure his son who was arrested by the police, was released within 24 hours while also attempted to offer bribe to operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) which is handling the case.
Read what @FulanNasrullah wrote on his handle:
"The 21-year-old son of a Senator from Taraba State raped a 7-year-old girl anally. He destroyed her internal organs and she died.
The girl's father works as a guard for the Senator. While his daughter was being rushed to the hospital for surgery, the Senator had him arrested, that he was trying to tarnish his political career by accusing his son of raping his daughter.
The 7-year-old girl died today as they were wheeling her in for surgery. Her name is Talatu Musa Paul. Her father is still locked up and does not yet know his daughter is dead.
A DSS operative whom today I have great respect for when Talatu Musa Paul died, took his team and picked up the Senator's son because the police brought in to arrest the 21-year-old bastard were afraid because his father is an important Senator.
His father pulled strings and pressure from above mounted on this DSS operative and his team until they had to let the bastard go.
The Senator called the operative and asked him to send his account details over so they can forget this ever happened.
The DSS operative asked him if Talatu Musa Paul was his daughter, would he feel it just to kill the issue over some amount of money?
The Senator on the phone immediately said 'God forbid that something like this will happen to his daughter'.
The DSS operative then went ballistic, screaming at him that so it is okay for Talatu Musa Paul but not for his daughter? It is okay for his son to put a knife to a 7-year-old child's neck and then proceed to violently rape her anus, but it is not ok for his daughter? He then dropped the call.
Dear Senator, you have freed your son by manipulation of the system. But you forget that mad men don't reason.
Quite a number of people I now hold in high esteem are really mad right now; they don't care about their jobs or their freedom.
They are tired of the shit they have to fucking put up with every day they work to protect you lot from the people you oppress.
As for your son, I wonder how long you can protect him from the people who are mad enough to come for him?
Tonight from far away as I listen to this disaster, I am glad for one thing, there are real life superheroes, and today I hear about them."

Senator's Son In Taraba State Raped A 7 Years Old Girl, Talatu Musa Paul To Death  4 Apr 17

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