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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

Father killed two children then himself in murder-suicide

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A man in Taipei launched a knife attack on his three teenage children Sunday, killing two of them, then cut his own throat, Taipei police said.
The third child, a 16-year old girl, passed out after she was stabbed in the neck but later regained consciousness and sent a message via LINE to her uncle, pleading for help, the Beitou District police said.
She was rushed to Taipei Veteran's Hospital, where she received emergency treatment, and appeared to be in stable condition, the police said.
The other two children -- a 14-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy -- were dead when police arrived at their home in Beitou, according to Hsieh Chih-hsin (謝志鑫), chief of the investigation division of the Beitou Precinct.
Their father, a 46-year-old man surnamed Chang, was also found dead at the scene, with his throat cut, Hsieh said.
Chang left a note at the scene, saying that he had decided to carry out the murder-suicide because he had lost money on a stock investment and his marriage had soured, Hsieh said.
Chang's wife was not at home at the time but rushed back from Hualien County after learning of the tragedy, according to police. 

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A Beitou man on Sunday murdered two of his children while severely injuring another before taking his own life, authorities said.
The man was only identified by his surname Chang, and is reportedly 46 years old.
Chang stabbed his daughter and son, aged 12 and 13, before taking his own life.
A neighbor claimed that she heard the screams of one or two girls around noon yesterday.
The neighbor told reporters that as the incident happened around lunch on a weekend, but the screams were though to be children fooling around, since the screams were only heard twice.
The sole surviving victim, the eldest of the culprit's children, typed a message seeking help from her uncle who lived closed by.
The case was brought to the attention of the Guandu division of the Beitou Police Precinct when the uncle arrived at the scene of the crime and notified authorities.
The victim sent a message via mobile application "Line" instead of making a call because she was unable to speak due to a 9 centimeter knife wound on her neck.
The girl, age 16, was sent to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (臺北榮民總醫院) for treatment.
After her situation stabilized, the victim recounted the incident to the police using her phone and stated that her father had cryptically told her "I'd like to take you all along," on Saturday evening.
The victim said she now understood that her father had premeditated the incident, and that she had passed out after sustaining the attack of her father.
When she regained consciousness, she immediately messaged her uncle for help, the victim added.
The hospital also reported that while the victim was physically stable, she sustained significant emotional trauma as a result of the tragedy.

According to Beitou police, a suicide letter that was left at the crime scene indicated that the murder was triggered as a result of stress brought by a combination of financial difficulty and suspected infidelity.
Chang wrote that he had lost his job, had made some bad investments and suspected that the children's mother was having an extramarital affair.
The mother of the victims reportedly returned to Taipei from Hualien after she was notified of the incident. In his suicide letter, Chang was said to have written "I will give you the freedom which you ask for; I am taking our children."
'No signs of trouble'
Other neighbors said that the family had been renting at the area with their children for the last three years.
The neighbors added that the Changs always seemed happy and showed no signs of trouble, and were often seen taking family trips together.  

Beitou murder-suicide leaves 3 dead, 1 injured James Lo, The China Post  February 6, 2017

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