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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

"Secret Slave" Kidnapped and abused for 13 years

Anna Ruston – now aged 44 – was abducted in 1987 by a taxi driver who went on to rape her repeatedly before prostituting her out to other men
Spending most of her years locked in a bedroom – Anna’s only contact with the outside world came on rare hospital visits.

During her ordeal, she gave birth to four babies all of whom she claims were ‘sold’.

For 13 years, Anna says she lived with taxi driver Malik, his mother, his brothers and their wives.

However, not one person came forward to help her.

The victim added that she was forced to use a can in the corner of her room as a toilet and is still haunted by the memories.

‘I can still see that bedroom, the corner where I would rock in pain. Although after a while I stopped feeling pain, I think my body shut down,’ she told The Mirror.

‘And I can smell it – the can I used as a toilet, the garlic he reeked of. I got to the point where I didn’t know what life was.’

As a vulnerable teen, living with a friend, Malik saw his opportunity knowing no-one would miss her.

‘My nana died when I was ten and my parents didn’t want me,’ she said.

‘If anyone showed me affection I grabbed hold of that. Malik would ask me how I was. It was nice to have someone interested.’

Two days after her 15th birthday, he asked Anna to ‘meet his family for tea’, which she ‘thought was nice’.

She said: ‘When he asked me to go back to his house for tea he knew no one would miss me.’

He persuaded her to stay the night – before brutally attacking her in the middle of the night as she slept.

She claims he then locked her in the room, where she was to stay for the foreseeable future.

Anna claims authorities were afraid to help her out of fear of being labelled ‘discriminatory’.

The claim has concerning echoes of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, in which authorities repeatedly failed to address warning signs about Asian sex gangs due to similar concerns.

As part of her therapy, Anna has written a book – ‘Secret Slave’ – in an effort make peace with her past. She also hopes to one day be able to take her captor to court.

Josef Frizl raped his own daughter for 24 years after holding her hostage

Her story has chilling echoes the case of 18-year-old Elisabeth Fritzlthe Austrian young girl held as a sex slave by her father Josef.

Elisabeth spent 24 years of her life being held like a caged animal in an underground cellar where she was raped an estimated 3,000 times – and gave birth to seven children.

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