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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


lunedì 19 dicembre 2016

Mum brutally raped by sick rapist 'break the silence' for all victims

A mum who was brutally raped in her own home by a vile serial rapist and murderer has spoken out about her horrifying ordeal

Brave Helen Stockford waived her right to anonymity seven years ago to call for more rights to be given to victims of sexual assaults.
In a new book, the mum-of-five candidly charts her trauma of rape .
Mark Shirley attacked Helen, who was living in Southmead, Bristol after breaking in one morning in March 2009, while she was doing the cleaning.
Pulling a knife on her, he attempted to recreate the ritualised murder of Mary Wainwright, a 67-year-old widow he had murdered 22 years earlier, when he was a teenager.
In Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist, Helen recounts how Shirley, then 39, sexually brutalised her on her own kitchen table in March 2009.
For more than five hours she struggled for survival until her son came home and disturbed the attack.
Helen kept the assault secret for several days, until she broke down and reported it to the police.
After nine long months Shirley was convicted of a series of offences, including rape and false imprisonment, at Bristol Crown Court and was handed six life sentences, with a nine-year minimum tariff.
In her memoir Helen, now 47 and living in Thornbury, tells how, after the trial, she faced new battles as she endeavoured to be a voice for victims.
Her new chapter began with a campaign that, for Shirley, a life sentence should mean life in jail.
Helen said: "Mark Shirley had done far too much and my battle began for life meaning life, with no parole.
"I felt this man should not be released in the future to attack again."
Helen met Government ministers and made changes concerning victims' rights to appeal against unduly lenient sentences.
In 2011 Bristol CID told her another Shirley victim had emerged - a woman he had attacked in 2005 - and her campaign was put on hold until he was convicted of the further attack and handed 16 life sentences, with a 16 year tariff.
After that, Helen resumed her campaign for victims with vigour.
She told Bristol Post : "My biggest goal now, through the help of my story, is that I want to break the silence across Britain for all victims.
"Every victim of sexual assault is told the same thing, which is that we are not allowed to talk to family or a close friend and we are not allowed to talk to a counsellor whilst the case is pending court.
"I desperately want to make this change for every victim of crime, as it's such a lonely place to be, with no-one to talk to.
"It makes you feel that your life is cut away, apart from your CID officer, which I feel is unfair.
"I know in Britain they like to keep to this guideline, so the defence can't say you have been coerced into saying something that might not be true.
"But I strongly feel that you should be able to talk to a counsellor.
"When you go to see your doctor its private between yourself and them, so why can't t be the same for victims of crime?
"Everyone needs someone to trust and talk to.
"I wasn't allowed to talk pending my court trial, and you will see all the mistakes that have been made along the way.
"Please look out for my next journey as I try hard to break the silence for all victims."

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