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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


mercoledì 7 dicembre 2016

Man caught raping a dead body in Delhi

A 28-year-old man was caught raping a woman's dead body in New Delhi's Sunlight Colony on Sunday. He has been arrested

Reports have it that a passer-by on Ring Road saw the man raping a woman and alerted Sunlight Colony Police Station at around 3:45. Upon arrival, police caught the man in act and realised the woman was actually long dead.
The 28-year-old necrophiliac has been identified as a contractor named Anil Kumar.
Reports say Kumar has denied to have killed the woman, who is yet to be identified. He told the police that he had been intimate with her the day before he was caught as well. He claims she was alive then.
Police believe the woman, aged 25-30, was kept under incarceration and murdered by Kumar some time between late Saturday night and Sunday morning. They have also found Kumar's clothes stained with her blood.
Preliminary investigation suggest she had been raped before murder. She seems to have been strangled to death, although her face bears wounds of being beaten with bricks.
Her body has been sent to AIIMS for postmortem tests. Noida and Faridabad police have been alerted to help identify her.
Police have filed a case for rape and murder.

Man caught raping a dead body in Delhi, arrested  Shreya Biswas New Delhi, December 7, 2016

Colombian Man Arrested For Kidnapping, Rape, Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl 7 dicembre 2016

Boy brutally gang-raped by 5 afghan teenagers in Sweden 7 dicembre 2016

  • Afghan Refugee Arrested For Rape, Murder Of Top EU Official’s Daughter
  • COPS arrested 34 children aged just 10 or 11 on suspicion of rape and violent offences last year.
    The shocking figures represent nearly half of the 80 primary school-aged kids who were arrested in the West Midlands in 2015

  • TEEN RAPISTS 18 novembre 2016

  • 13-year-old girl gang raped by 5 minors in Maharashtra 6 dicembre 2016

  • 25-year-old raped 4-year-old girl 6 dicembre 2016

  • 3 Marysville teens raped 13-year-old 3 dicembre 2016

  • Cyberbullying Suicides 2 DICEMBRE 2016

    Porn Watching Teens 26 NOVEMBRE 2016

    India, Rape videos on WhatsApp 21 novembre 2016

    Rape videos drive victims to suicide in India 7 novembre 2016

    CHILD RAPISTS 29 30 novembre 2016

    Epidemic Rape of Migrants DECEMBER 3, 2016

    18-year-old assaulted, raped 27-year-old woman 6 dicembre 2016

    13-year-old girl gang raped by six minors in Maharashtra 6 dicembre 2016


    Father and friend raped 12 yer-old daughter 26 novembre 2016

    Father who raped his 5-month-old daughter arrested in Ohio 23 NOVEMBRE 2016

    Stepmother helped her husband rape his 2 children 25 novembre 2016

    Man raped his daughter for 2 years 25 novembre 2016

    Security guard repeatedly raped his minor daughter 24 novembre 2016

    Sex addict took pictures of young children using toilets 7 dicembre 2016

    Pedophiles are targeting young children on YouTube 7 dicembre 2016

    Paedophile trumpeter beaten to death with his own trumpet 7 dicembre 2016

    Serial abductor child rapist monster arrested 6 dicembre 2016

    'My daughter's Facebook rape hell' 6 dicembre 2016

    Innocent photos of children exploited on Twitter 28 NOVEMBRE 2016

    Footbal Sexual Abuse Apocalypse DECEMBER 2, 2016

    Operation DeathEaters 

    #Pizzagate: the Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails NOVEMBER 27, 2016

    Porn Hacking 2 DICEMBRE 2016 

    U.S. Catholic Church Forced To Pay $4 Billion To Child Abuse Victims 7 DICEMBRE 2016

    Anti-Rape Protest 8 6 DICEMBRE 2016

    Raped 43,000 times by judges, pastors 5 DICEMBRE 2016

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