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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


domenica 18 dicembre 2016

Evil pensioner 'raped at least 108' including 9-year-old girl

He was jailed in October after being convicted for 31 violent sex attacks, but police have now revealed fuller details of his sinister and cruel attacks as they urge more suspected victims to contact them

His youngest victim in 1987 was only nine, while the oldest was 55. 

Valery Makarenkov has been branded the 'birthday rapist' because some of his attacks took place near his birthday.

Most reported that they 'lost consciousness' during the attacks as he strangled them - but not to death - during the rapes. Many victims were found later naked.

Deeply disturbing pictures of the twice married serial rapist show him reenacting his attacks on a mannequin as part of the investigation with armed police present.

Makarenkov said: He added: 'I was interested in the process. To find a victim, to follow her, to hunt, to catch, to rape.'

Makarenkov, who worked in a factory in Moscow, took 'souvenirs' from each victim, including a bracelet, a single shoe, a photograph, a tin of peas, a badge, or in the case of the young schoolgirl, a doll.

His first known attack was in 1973, when the Kremlin leader was Soviet strongman Leonid Brezhnev, almost two decades before the collapse of communism.

In his final words to the court, the ruthless rapist - who wept uncontrollably when he was finally detained by police after a reign of terror lasting at least 41 years - predicted he would be killed in jail by other inmates.

Makarenkov told the judge: 'I will not see the light of day by the end of this sentence.

Speaking about Makarenkov's youngest victim state investigator Ivan Semenov said: 'She was badly affected by the attack.'Psychologically, the trauma was so strong that it took her years of psychiatric help to try and overcome the consequences of the rape. But it was her who gave the investigation what it didn't have before.

'She got a glimpse of his face which helped police to get an identikit image, and a hair of the maniac was found on her clothes.'

Semenov said police were shocked that he remained so active into his retirement years. 

For more than four decades, he 'went hunting' for women and carried out his attacks either at around 5 to 6am, or soon after midnight.

Telling his family he rode his bike to cure 'headaches', he lived a double life which fooled two wives and his children.

Nicknamed the 'cycling rapist', he often used his Soviet-era bicycle to creep up on victims from behind.

Chilling CCTV footage released by police shows him stalking a victim on his bike. 

Russian police had to wait until they had sophisticated technology to carry comparative DNA analysis before they snared the rapist.

Mikhail Ignashkin, head of medical and biological research at the Russian Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI, said: 'Back in 1987, finding a hair of the attacker didn't help the investigation.

'The first federal database of DNA material was only created 2008, which made it really hard, sometimes next to impossible, for investigators who had crimes committed in different parts of Moscow but could not - yet - be certain that they were done by the same criminal. '

Investigator Ivan Semenov said: 'We carried a number of DNA tests, and several of the most recent results matched, so we went deeper in the past.

'At the beginning of the 2000s, it matched again. Then the late, mid and early 1990s also matched.

'We went even deeper and realised that a series of crimes that no-one had ever put together was in fact carried by one person. We simply didn't have the means to realise it before.' 

Altogether more than 40,000 men were checked, and over 1,500 DNA tests made, said police.

Makarenkov was eventually detained after a failed attack on a woman called Olga in Kuzminki Park, Moscow in 2014.

She fought back and scratched his cheek. Police believed he would return, and he did.

Officers stopped a man on his bike in the same park. They asked to see his ID but he sped off.

Alexander Ignashev, member of the police patrol told an NTV documentary on the case: 'He biked away away with all speed.

'When we stopped him he fought back. We found a knife, pepper spray and a pensioner's card.

'We invited him into a police car, and as he sat down he completely burst into tears.

'He looked like your ordinary shy pensioner. It was hard to believe this was our rapist.'

Another investigator Ivan Semenov revealed: 'He sat quietly for three solid hours when he was brought to the police station.

DNA tests matched to dozens of victims of the rapist who often wore a black cap, he said.

Female investigator Yelena Sidelnikova said: 'To say we were happy to have found him is such an understatement.

'We'd got him. We stopped him. No more women would suffer from him.'

After he retired, Makarenkov worked as an unregistered taxi driver.  

Now divorced, he told police his first rape was a teenage girl in 1973 after his wife refused to have sex following childbirth.

A law enforcement source said: 'At night or in early morning he followed his victims on his bike in backyards and parks, attacked from behind, strangled them but not to death, then raped and stole valuable belongings.

'Usually his attacks took place from May to October when it was possible to go around on a bike.

'For a long time Makarenkov managed to hide well from police because he acted in different districts of Moscow. '

He 'almost never committed two crimes in the same area'.

A source added: 'In Makarenkov's case there were several factors: hyper-sexuality, along with love of risk and danger.

'He was often stopped for dangerous and drunk driving. He enjoyed being a hunter.

'He had to trace his victim, to follow her, to catch. All this gave him excitement he needed, thrilled him, it was adrenaline.

'This is what all maniacs go hunting for. And the moment of the sexual act is their prize.'

Victim Maria, in her 30s, was attacked by the serial rapist in June 2013 as she walked home from work.

Bravely, she returned to the scene of her rape to highlight the terror she felt for an earlier NTV report.

'Suddenly I spotted a man behind my back, he was with a bike,' she said. 'I didn't pay any attention to him. I kept walking and sending a text.

'One minute later, I turned around and saw him right next to me and without his bike. Next moment he attacked me and began to strangle me.

'I managed only a short crying sound before he squeezed my throat. I lost consciousness within two seconds. It was like he just switched me off.

'Then he dragged my body through those bushes.'

She said: 'I woke up all covered in mud, I had just one shoe on. I tried to understand what happened; honestly I did not realise I was completely naked.

'I felt as if I was frozen. I understood that I had survived by a miracle.'

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