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American Carnage: Woman killed family, herself in triple murder-suicide

(KEEGO HARBOR, Mich.) — Autopsies show a suburban Detroit woman fatally shot her husband, son and daughter before killing herself. ...


sabato 24 febbraio 2018

lunedì 12 febbraio 2018

Stermina la famiglia poi si spara, ignoto il movente

Quattro cadaveri sono stati trovati in un appartamento a Rende (Cosenza): Salvatore Giordano (commerciante di strumenti musicali), di 57 anni, ha ucciso la moglie, Francesca Vilardi, di 59, ed i due figli Giovanni, studente 26enne, e Cristiana, operatrice call center di 29 anni.

domenica 11 febbraio 2018

American Carnage: Man kills four, then self

Five people, including a gunman who took his own life, were killed in a shooting spree at two locations in northeastern Kentucky, officials said on Sunday.

martedì 6 febbraio 2018

American Carnage: Mother killed baby and husband, then herself

ST. LOUIS • Investigators believe the mother of a 3-month-old girl was the shooter in a double-murder-suicide that left her, her husband and their infant daughter dead last week, a police source said.

sabato 3 febbraio 2018


Two 12-year-olds in Florida were arrested for cyberbullying in connection with the death of a middle-school student who police say hanged herself

lunedì 29 gennaio 2018

American Carnage: Ex-boyfriend killed 4, then shot self

A man wearing a ballistic vest and carrying multiple weapons, including an assault rifle, may have shot himself following an early morning massacre Sunday that left four dead and a fifth injured in a rural hamlet in Fayette County.

lunedì 15 gennaio 2018

martedì 9 gennaio 2018


THE father of a 14-year-old Northern Territory girl who took her own life last week after being bullied online has made an emotional tribute to his “precious little angel”.

"Year of the Sword" The Assyrian Christian Genocide

Just over a century ago this week, Turkish and Kurdish forces invaded land that the Assyrian people had inhabited since antiquity and began exterminating them. The slaughter that ensued lasted from 1915-1923, leaving 300,000 Assyrians dead and innumerable women abducted.

sabato 6 gennaio 2018

American Carnage: Man shot wife, 2 children before turning gun on self

A man shot and killed his wife and two children before turning the gun on himself in their Southern California home, where their bodies were found Friday.

giovedì 4 gennaio 2018

American Carnage: Teen killed his family in 345th mass shooting of 2017

About 20 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve, a teenager armed with a semiautomatic rifle slaughtered his family in their New Jersey home, and prosecutors are reportedly weighing whether to try his case in adult court.

domenica 24 dicembre 2017

Self-immolation protest near Kirti monastery

Horrifying footage showing a monk setting himself on fire in protest over China's domination of Tibet has gone viral on social media.

mercoledì 13 dicembre 2017

Deadly Selfies: Social media star falled from skyscraper

A DAREDEVIL who called himself “China’s First Rooftopper” plunged to his death off the roof of a skyscraper as this video with over 15 million views reportedly shows.

martedì 12 dicembre 2017

Father killled his 2 children, 5 and 9, before killing himself

TARRANT COUNTY - NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- A nightmare unfolded inside a home decorated for the holidays Saturday morning in the 7400 block of College Circle South.

Man kills wife and mother, shoots daughter before killing himself

Asuncion Chacon-Perez (third from right) was killed alongside her daughter-in-law early Saturday morning in east Charlotte. Courtesy of Maria Hernandez

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Three adult family members died and a child was injured Saturday in a shooting at a Charlotte home, and officers believe the incident to be a domestic dispute.

21-year-old shot 2 students dead before killing himself

The 21-year-old gunman who terrorized a high school and shot two students dead was known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and infiltrated the school building that morning by disguising himself as a student, according to investigators.

giovedì 7 dicembre 2017

Madre uccide figli di 5 e 2 anni e tenta il suicidio: era in cura psichiatrica

Come se la coperta potesse nascondere il male che aveva fatto. Antonella l’ha posata sul corpo ormai senza vita di Lorenzo Zeus, il suo bambino di cinque anni, e ne ha tenuto un lembo anche per lei.

sabato 2 dicembre 2017

lunedì 27 novembre 2017

Father killed his 3 children and wife before shooting himself

Pierre De Bisschop, 47, is believed to have killed sons Baudouin, 12, and Jean, 20, and his daughter Marion, 18, before shooting his wife Celine, 47 and finally committing suicide.

French policeman shoots girlfriend in the face, kills 3 before committing suicide

A 31-year-old French police officer shot three people dead before turning the gun on himself, in a killing spree sparked by a row with his girlfriend, authorities said.

Policeman kills his wife, 2 children, then commits suicide

A French policeman shot his wife and two children dead and then killed himself after the woman told him she wanted to leave the family home, the regional prosecutor said.

Carabiniere uccide sorella, cognato, padre e tenta il suicidio

TARANTO - "Venite, ho fatto una c...". L'appuntato dei carabinieri Raffaele Pesare, 53 anni, ha detto così al telefono ai suoi colleghi subito dopo aver ucciso a colpi di pistola il padre Damiano, 85 anni, la sorella Maria Pasana, detta Nella, di cinquant'anni, e il cognato Salvatore Bisci, agricoltore di 69 anni, a Sava.

American Carnage: Son killed parents, then himself in double murder-suicide

— A dentist in Washington state didn't show up for an appointment, so just after 7 p.m., a family member called the King County sheriff.

mercoledì 15 novembre 2017

American Rampage: 5 Dead, Including Gunman, After Shooting Spree

Kevin Janson Neal, the gunman who went on a rampage throughout Rancho Tehama, California, shot a neighbor to death before heading to the local elementary school, where he fired through classroom windows after being locked out of the building, an act credited with saving the lives of many children and staff members inside, authorities said.

venerdì 3 novembre 2017

lunedì 25 settembre 2017

sabato 23 settembre 2017

sabato 16 settembre 2017

Madre 31enne uccide la figlia di 6 anni e si suicida

Omicidio-suicidio Meano Perosa Argentina | Mamma uccide la figlia e si uccide | 16 settembre 2017

Una romena di 31 anni, Alina Mihaela Olaru, ha ucciso la figlia di sei anni e si è poi uccisa, sempre a coltellate.

martedì 5 settembre 2017

Cyberbullying Suicides 5

"It's cool to speak up" is the advice from the family of a South Australian teenager who took her own life, presumably because she was cyber bullied, her family says.

Cyberbullying Suicides 4

A YOUNG mum took her own life on her birthday after being cruelly trolled online.

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